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Mobile Apps are everywhere in our daily lives and they have become very handy. There are some apps that caravanners can utilize in order to have a fun and better trip.

1- Rain Radar Aus is the first application we are suggesting fellow caravanners to download and use. If you are taking out your caravan it means you are going on a trip and a trip does not make sense if you cannot go wander around in mother nature. However, rain can be an obstacle to this. Rain Radar Aus shows rainy clouds all over Australia with different colors that refer to the severity of the rain. The mainstream application for geek caravanners is likewise known for its astounding outline and usability.

2- Site Seeker is another useful app that serves the purpose of finding camping sites, caravan sites and etc. It also has detailed information about all the places in its database like pricing, location, and photos. This particular app is also very easy to use with a simple and plain interface.

3- Waze looks like an ordinary navigation application but it has many features that make it valuable not only for caravan drivers but anyone on the roads. It is a community-based navigation application, drivers can report roadworks, heavy traffic, accident, police stops, radars and many road-related things. It also shows the driver the speed of the flowing traffic based on Waze users. Roads with slow-moving traffic at the time will be shown in red. By using Waze you will reduce the time you spend in traffic and will be aware of fixed or random speed cameras. Not that you should be speeding anyways, but things happen.

4- Caravan leveler is a free application designed for leveling your tow caravan. Many smartphones have a built-in gyroscope and with the help of this app you can level your caravan, it will show you the imbalance if any and on which side of the caravan it is. It is important to have a balanced caravan considering the speeds you will be traveling at.

5- My Environment is an app made by Australian Government with the purpose of sharing knowledge about species that are endangered, history of towns around you and general information on the nearby environment. It will help you to have a better understanding of your surroundings. Valuable knowledge that you can always share with others.

Mobile apps are an awesome expansion to your caravanning equipment. Once you get used to them, your trips will more relaxed and enjoyable. The vast majority of us own smartphones and there is no reason to use the apps that are made for our convenience. Download these apps and use them for your next trip and let us know if they helped you in any way!

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