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Every contact lens user has experienced it. You are using your PC or reading and suddenly you feel that your blink was not usual. Why would your blink feel unusual despite doing it thousands time every day, for reasons unknown, this time is different. Your eyelid doesn’t appear to coast over your eye like it should. As if there’s something sticking out. On the off chance that something like this has transpired as of late, at that point you might just be having a typical dry eye.

It is not something worry about extremely since almost everyone who wears contacts experience it at least once throughout their lives. There are two main reasons why dry eyes happen. First is too much tear evaporating based on environments. Second is lack of tear production because of psychological issues one might have. Our eyes have a balanced tear amount to keep them comfortable. When this balance is off we might experience the dry eye issue.

Windy environments is one of the common causes of dry eye. Strong winds directly hitting your eyes can quickly evaporate the needed tear and cause you feel discomfort. Excessive wind can also happen when playing sports, driving a convertible car or riding a motorcycle.


Swimming underwater causes dry eyes as well. The salt or the chlorine in water can dry your eyes. You might think it does not make sense because your eyes are literally in contact with water, however, once you get out from the water, the salt and chlorine will stay on your eye’s surface and dry it.


Staring at computer screens for long hours dry your eyes too. In this day and age we do not have many options but to use computers for our jobs and it comes with a problem. In office environments where we spend hours looking at our gadgets with air-conditioning being another eye drying factor, we are not helping our eyes at all.

Although the environment you are in is a big factor in terms of dry eye problem, it is definitely not the only factor. Physiological factors also exist and they affect your eyes. What you eat and drink, for example, directly affects your eyes. Caffeine-rich drinks will cause dehydration in your body and this will reach to your eyes as well. Same goes for alcohol, as you probably already know, alcohol causes headaches and hangover after a night of drinks and that is because of dehydration it brings. You can decrease the amount of coffee/tea and alcohol in your diet and increase the amount of water to help your eyes stay in its natural state.

The medication you are taking can also dry out your eyes. If you feel like that is the case, talk to your doctor and ask for the side-effects. Drugs like anti-depressants are known to cause dry eyes as well as blood pressure medication.

We hope that this information was helpful in order to understand why your eyes might be experiencing discomfort. If you are still unsure about the cause, visit an eye clinic. Sydney has some really good clinics that can help you thoroughly with your inquiries.

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