1- Your budget is important. If you have a tight budget, it might be cheaper for you to buy a land and get your own house built. Even though Sydney is an expensive place for housing, you can still find affordable building companies to take your project and build it. Your stamp duty cost will be a lot cheaper as well if you decide to go with building your house on your land. If your budget is not tight and you are willing to empty your pocket for comfort, you can buy an established and luxury house. Another option with a strong budget would be to demolish an older house and build a new one instead. If you want to find the cheapest builder, get a quote from an average builder with all your needs and then list everything on a paper excluding the price they quoted. Show the list to different builders and ask them how much they would charge you. This can be effective in determining the most affordable builder.


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2- The area in which you wish to live is also an important matter when deciding. If you want to live close to city center as in metropolitan area, your only option may be buying an established property. It is not likely to find a land in any metropolitan area to build your own house. The properties available for purchase will be overpriced and in need of renovation. Think twice before deciding. If you are very lucky you can find a property that you can demolish and build your own. If you do not mind living a bit far from the city center you can buy a land and bring your costs down. In New South Wales you may have to wait for titled lands but it would be worth it. The value of those lands and the properties in them will only grow with time. Once you have the land choose your builder carefully. We mentioned getting an affordable one but that does not mean you should comprise any quality. The last thing you want is ruining your land with a poorly built house and wasting money, time on top of it.


3- If you want a unique custom design you will have to go with building your own house. Builders can communicate with you and based on design, your family needs they can offer you custom built houses. It will be more expensive than regular builts but you will have a unique product to yourself. If you buy an existing house it does not mean that it will have to stay exactly the same. You can still renovate with both interior and exterior designs. With a custom design in mind, you will not be able to find a cheap builder compared to regular builders. When designing your house, have your priorities listed. Do not go for luxury details before handling daily practical needs. Plan for future and once you have an established design you can start having your add-ons for a stylish house.

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