Autumn is a season of coziness and warmth in terms of colors and clothing. Nature starts to change its colors, the grass, the leaves get a new look. You might want to keep up with nature and change your hair color too. Bright blonde hair may not be the best option for cold seasons. When fall arrives, you may wind up asking, “what hue now?” You can get ideas very easily, just observe. The fall colors incorporate delightful rich reds, warm brilliant tones, chocolate tones, tanned looking colors.

If you cannot decide what color to get for your hair you can visit one of the many decent hair salons in Sydney to have professional advice from the experts like Pierre Haddad. They will be able to examine your hair type and show you what options you have got.

Autumn and Winter are very suitable seasons to darken your hair color. You have the option of just adding some lowlights or completely change the color. The dark will look very good on the cold days. You can darken your hair over time, progressively to avoid a shocking change. If you have a blonde hair and switching to a darker color feels too much of a change, you can go with ombre. It is still very fashionable these days and even the slight shift from blonde to golden blonde will make a difference.


If you naturally have dark hair but still want some change, you can add some caramel tones to get a bit of light look. You will still have a dark a hair but with some extra styling. Whereas if you want to keep your blonde hair during fall, you can just let it grow out. Do not worry about the roots, dark roots with blonde hair will give a good look in cold seasons. While you may think it isn’t a decent look, it is a fashionable style currently. Some people change their hair color while keeping their roots dark to get that look.


Another way to blend in with fall is to actually add some color to your hair. Tones of red, auburn and other similar colors are very much alike with colors of fall. Your hair will have the tones of a beautiful fall forest and will look very natural. You can also go with a silver hair to have a completely different look that is extraordinary. You will have a Khaleesi look and feel very unique.


If you have a curly hair, do not straighten it out and keep it messy. Dark and curly hair is another good looking style in fall. Be comfortable with your hair and enjoy how it looks. One more thing, when changing your hair color make sure your brows match with the new tone.

Here is a video on hair colors for fall:

Your hair is not the only thing you should care about in Fall. With temperatures dropping and cold winds increasing you might start getting discomfort in your eyes caused by dry eyes. Here is an article on causes of dry eyes.

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